Friday, March 27, 2009

Hopes in the Sky

Man, I got hopes in the sky.

so lovely so natural
from my grove to the borough
i see it instrumental
cause words cant explain what i see.
but i still look up.
cause thats where all my hope has plateaued.
like a wing.

man, i got HOPE.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me

man. today is my birthday. i got money n shit.

but shit got ruined by saturday detention and i got my phone jackkked.....on my birthday.


but whatever. in a bad mood so i'm leavin ya'll with this.

i'm fuckin hot. like red. check it out

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh in case ya'll were wondering...

These pictures are 100% original and have a copyright on them.
I take these. these are 100% me. i dont find pictures. i make them.

New Followers/ Winding Road

Yo. I noticed i have some new followers. thanks alot and good lookin out. in spite of that i decided i'd give ya'll another treat. I wasnt gonna bring this out till late but ya'll deserve the best.

We all got issues, whether it be
boyfriend/ girlfriend stuff
but what you have to realize is

Life is like a winding road, so don't get side tracked
cuz you dont want to end up with two thumbs up hitch hiking on the side of the road
and you may not be so lucky.
people these days usually only look out for themselves
and they only time someone else may see you 
is in the rearview mirror.
So look ahead. Handle your business. Stay on course.  
Life is like a winding road. 
Might as well enjoy the ride.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I decided imma throw ya'll some spoken word with my post today. your in luck.

The Intro yo
If it catches you
I bet you to
The body
In the way
The conclusion seeks out the summary
Its beautiful
What i hear
What i feel
What i see
After school
On the beach
We sit, sand, sun
as i
Gaze daze upon the beach, as the whales breach
As the soul teaches us a new
Beat. Beat. Beat.
What's everlasting is true
How i feel towards

As we being, the new start within, get lost like
Jah Jazzy Jazz
Cant stop breathin, one love left to live in
Call me cheeks
Call me free
Call me news tot he street
cuz i deliva, forever.
Bring back, knocks on the door 
As the bell rang
as the blood drains
free free free
live life for what its supposed to be
please please please
Gimme time, take her back home, she's
new new new

The waves, 
The way ive
seen scene screened you

its like
its must be


Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Rain is a unique thing. its sort of cleanses the earth. But thats good and bad. Its  a sort of rebirth where the withering plants perish but so do people. I would say just sit and watch it. I suggest Vibrate by Outkast.



Math Class/ San Francisco